Conference Report 

Pastors, please click below to complete your quarterly conference report. Your form will be sent directly to Elder Hyche upon completion. Thanks! 

AME Church History Form Instructions

We are in the process of collecting the history of each AME Church in the 9th Episcopal District in celebration of the 150th Anniversary. We are asking each church to provide the history and details that will aid us in this endeavor.

DIRECTIONS:  Please click the button below to complete the Google form by January 31, 2018. You will need to gather the following information below the button in order to complete the form in its entirety. Some of the information can also be  found on the cornerstone of the local church and from the mirroring project.

  •  One color photo of the church
  •  One color photo of the pastor
  •  Church name:
  •  Church address:
  •  Church phone number:
  •  Church email:
  •  Church website:
  •  Pastor’s Name:
  •  Presiding Elder’s Name:
  •  Presiding Elder’s District Name:
  •  Conference Name:
  •  Year Church was Established:
  •  Name of Founding Bishop:
  •  Name of Founding Presiding Elder:
  •  Name of Founding Pastor:
  •  Name of Founding Trustees:
  •  Name of Founding Stewards:
  •  Oldest living member in the church (Name and Age):
  •  List all Bishops Elected out of Local Church:
  •  List all General Officers Elected from Local Church:
  •  List all Connectional WMS Officers Elected from Local Church:
  •  List all Connectional YPD Officers Elected from Local Church:
  •  List all Connectional Lay/Clergy Officers Elected from Local Church:
  •  List deceased Lay Persons who made an impact (Name and Contributions made):
  •  List current Lay Persons making a difference (Name and Contributions being made): o Has there been a change in location of the church?
  •  Has the church been rebuilt (e.g. due to fire or other reasons)?
  •  Additional Church History (Please include any additional details that we did not ask.)